campus life


Mrs. Block Remembers

For almost two decades, Carol Block, the chancellor’s wife, has also been part of the heart of UCLA.

The Great Bruin Tradition Bracket

Pick your winner from the top 32 campus customs. Fill in your own bracket and let us know your favorite UCLA traditions!

A Different Kind of Course Work

The UCLA Teaching Kitchen is part of a whole new campus ecosystem putting Bruin ingenuity to work in the world of food.

Food for Thought

Bruin Plate, where students enjoy some of the tastiest cuisine in L.A., proves the days of the old-time college cafeteria are over.

One Step at a Time

Students living on the Hill face the daunting challenge of ascending staircases with names like the “Death Stairs” on their journeys to and from campus.

Welcome to the new year, Bruins!

As thousands of students return to Westwood, campus comes alive with new buildings and hundreds of activities.

Beyond Binary

Bruins have long sought to make UCLA a more inclusive environment for people of all genders and sexual and romantic orientations. Now, those efforts are accelerating.

Buzzworthy Bruins

A campus club seeks to attract and maintain a healthy bee population.
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