ecochellaBicycle generators will run the sound system at Ecochella, UCLA's first bike-powered concert, on Friday, May 24.
For a truly green concert experience, volunteers will use pedal power to amplify bands including The Dustbowl Revival, Blind Willies, India Carney, Jason Pittes, Kid Sheik, Manzanita, The Primaries, Free Food, Tahl Klainman and Juliet Piper. Student volunteers had a chance to sign up for shifts on one of the eight bikes. The free concert runs from 6-10 p.m. at UCLA's Sunset Canyon Recreation Amphitheater.
Several UCLA groups are getting in on the action, which is organized by E3: Ecology, Economy, Equity; The Green Initiative Fund; The Student Commitee for the Arts; and The Student Food Collective.
There will also be a bike-powered lighted tree installation featuring an acrobat, films from the UCLA Bicycle Coalition’s short film competition, and a bike-powered blender making free smoothies for the volunteer cyclists.