Graphic depiction of raindrops falling

Record rainfall and flooding across Dubai and swaths of the Arabian Peninsula is much more likely the result of climate change than cloud seeding, says UCLA climate scientist Daniel Swain, who will discuss the topic in his next live briefing on Thursday, April 18, at 2 p.m. PT | 5 p.m. ET (link below).  

“It’s important to understand the plausible causes of the record-shattering extreme rainfall this week across Dubai and portions of Arabian PeninsulaDid cloud seeding play a role? Likely no! But how about climate change? Likely yes!” Swain said. “There’s currently a disconnect in the online discourse between the kind of human activities that likely did affect it (greenhouse warming) versus those which have actually been the focus of the online conversation thus far (cloud seeding), and what this means for how we collectively understand our ability to actively affect the weather on different spatial and temporal scales.”

Media are invited to join the live, on-the-record Q&A to submit questions in the chat, or to draw from the recording which will be available immediately after the event at the same link.