The second life of ‘We’re Alive’ 

Almost 50 years ago, three UCLA student filmmakers made a bold documentary about incarcerated women. Then it vanished. But thanks to some Bruin detective work — and a huge stroke of luck — the students’ forgotten film is now providing a new focus on the lives of women within the justice system.

Read more about “We’re Alive” and the quest to find its filmmakers — Kathy Levitt, Michie Gleason and Christine Mohanna Lesiak — from UCLA Magazine 

 A call to action, answered 

After the Supreme Court struck down Roe v. Wade, the state wanted a partner that could help women across the country secure their reproductive freedom. It turned to UCLA. 

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 The aesthete 

As the new director of the Fowler Museum, Silvia Forni is in awe of “makers” around the globe. Now she wants to share their work in a way that honors them — and makes visitors rethink their own views of the world. 

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On her front foot

How Margueritte Aozasa led the Bruins to a championship in her very first season — and became the most successful rookie coach in women’s soccer history. 

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The legacy of California’s first Black librarian

Miriam Matthews archived Black life in Los Angeles, promoted intellectual freedom and was a devoted patron of the arts. Her personal papers, oral history and photo archive show how she shaped Los Angeles.

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Bringing migrant and refugee stories to light

Evyn Lê Espiritu Gandhi’s relational approach to Asian American studies creates a powerful ripple effect.

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 Alumni on ‘The Women Who Made Early Disneyland’ 

UCLA alumnae and information professionals expand the conversation on women’s contributions to the Disney park’s design, entertainment and visitor experience.

Read more about the book by Cindy Mediavilla and Kelsey Knox from the UCLA School of Education & Information Studies

 Game on

When she arrived at UCLA Anderson, Maddy Wojdak Marquissee had three distinct goals. Achieving them is helping to level the playing field for women in the gaming industry.

Read more about Maddy Wojdak Marquissee from UCLA Magazine 

Shelley Taylor awarded National Medal of Science

The medal is the highest honor the nation bestows on scientists. Taylor, a renowned psychologist and expert on adversity, helped found the fields of social cognition and health psychology.

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 Desi Small-Rodriguez: ‘Always lift as you climb’

As an Indigenous and Chicana sociologist, she says building community with and encouraging others is fundamental to her scholarship.

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 Laura Esquivel: A Latina lesbian activist’s story

An activist and leader for Latina and LGBTQ+ communities, Laura Esquivel’s legacy and impact is shared and preserved through the UCLA Latina Futures project.

Read more about Laura Esquivel and Latina Futures Lab 2050 from the Chicano Studies Research Center

 An underappreciated author gets her due

The age of streaming rediscovers the works of Octavia Butler, the late author who gained the confidence to share her words at UCLA Extension.

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Dancing by herself 

At UCLA, Agnes de Mille found the creative force that would make her one of the most esteemed choreographers in history. 

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