John Edmond, professor emeritus of biological chemistry in the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, died Feb. 18 following a cerebral hemorrhage. He was 85.

After earning his doctorate in biochemistry from the University of Glasgow, Edmond worked in a basic lipid laboratory at Shell Oil in England. He was recruited by UCLA in 1968 to continue his work on lipid metabolism in the brain and its relationship to developmental disorders. His research included basic infant nutrition and nutrient requirements for brain development, and whether secondhand smoke and air pollution contributes to hearing loss in infants. 

Edmond was president of the UCLA Faculty Center and the UCLA Emeriti Association. He also held several posts on the Academic Senate including senate chair, chair of the council on research, member of the council on academic personnel and member of the subcommittee on the relationship between the University of California and the United States Department of Energy laboratories at Berkeley, Livermore and Los Alamos

Edmond was beloved by his students and his colleagues, who describe him as compassionate, fair, generous and noble. He is survived by his wife Lorna, whom he met and married in Glasgow; children Sara and John; and four grandchildren.