“Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny,” which opens in theaters today, sees the beloved title character traversing the globe to chase down a priceless ancient treasure while, of course, fighting off villains. But how does the experience of moviedom’s favorite archaeologist compare with that of a real-life archaelogist? 

We were wondering the same thing.

So we asked Danielle Kalani Heinz, who earned a master’s degree in archaeology from UCLA in 2018 and is now pursuing a doctorate with a focus on Hawaiian archaeology.

In the second installment of the UCLA College video series “Silly Questions, Smart Bruins,” Heinz offers insights on what Indy’s adventures might have looked like in the Aloha State (hint: there are no snake pits, but if you’re ambushed by a rogue mongoose, run for it!), what she treasures most about her ancestors’ native land, and how useful — or not — a fedora and whip would be in her work. 

(Watch the first installment of “Silly Questions, Smart Bruins” here.)

Heinz also talks about her passion for bringing greater equity to her field of study, and what scientists can do to conduct more equitable, community-centered research.