Thanks to a powerful public health advocate who was committed to battling obesity on a national scale and getting people to exercise, even for just 10 minutes, recess will no longer be the same for students, faculty and staff at UCLA.
Before you grab lunch, pick up a hula hoop or a jump rope instead or tap into your inner-Beyoncé and dare to perform a few dance moves in public.
As part of the Healthy Campus Initiative, the campus is joining the nationwide Instant Recess movement that was pioneered in the 1990s by the late Dr. Antronette (Toni) Yancey, a onetime college basketball player and fashion model who, in addition to her work as a scholar and public health practitioner, became a leading voice for a new approach to promoting healthy eating and physical activity.
Instant Recess, a 10-minute burst of low-impact dance movements that breaks out in K-12 schools, churches, workplaces, meetings and community centers across the country, was conceived by Yancey as a way to make exercise/physical activity accessible to all and to level the playing field for those who did not have the time or the resources to engage in discretionary or leisure-time physical activity.