UCLA Spirit Squad
Devin Mallory and the UCLA Dance Team.

UCLA student Devin Mallory is attracting attention for breaking barriers and starting new traditions by becoming the first male member of the spirit squad’s dance team. He is the featured dancer in their performance of “Smooth Criminal,” showcased in the video above.

Though men have auditioned for the team before, Mallory is the first to make it all the way through the team’s challenging multi-day audition. In this charming Los Angeles Times story, Mallory talks about pursuing dance when his friends were playing soccer, learning to ignore stares and mockery, and the dedication it took to become a member of the UCLA Dance Team.

“I am so proud of Devin,” said the team’s coach, Tiphanie McNiff. “I am honored to be part of a program that has embraced this step forward, highlighting the talent, dedication, hard work and maturity of this team.”