For one afternoon, teenagers glueing themselves to their phones was totally understandable. Because on Friday, March 22, they finally could log in to learn whether they were admitted to UCLA’s class of 2023.

From OMG!s to tear-filled expressions of shock and gratitude, students shared their excitement on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, while UCLA social media accounts celebrated with them.


ALL GLORY TO GOD! 💙💛 I WOULDN’T OF MADE IT THIS FAR IN MY LIFE WITHOUT GOD AND MY SUPPORTIVE FAMILY AND FRIENDS! GOD IS SO GOOD! Thank you so much @versastylela @missfunk79 for introducing me to the beauty of UCLA and their amazing Dance program! Thank you to the Flourish Foundation for helping me with my application and taking the time to guide me step by step as to what I should do during the admissions process! Thank you @gbaridenzel for helping me create my Dance audition! I truly appreciate you and the time you dedicated towards my solo! Thank you to my friends and family that were praying with me every step of the way! Praying that I would become successful and that God’s will would be done! I’m so ecstatic about this opportunity and I can’t wait to begin this new path of life! #collegeacceptance #ucla #uclabound

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