A powerful lightning and rain storm over UCLA early Monday morning felled three campus trees, severely damaged a fourth which must be removed, and damaged a fifth which will be pruned and saved.

Campus facilities officials believe the trees that fell in the vicinity of Haines Hall and Perloff Hall date from the 1950s. There were no injuries and no other damage reported in the storm.

“We lost a eucalyptus tree in Royce Quad in front of Haines Hall,” said Jerry Markham, director of design, project management and operations for the UCLA facilities management unit. “A eucalyptus tree in Perloff Quad also fell, damaging a ficus tree that will also be removed. A second ficus tree in Perloff Quad was damaged, but we are going to save what we can of that one. We also lost a Canary Island pine on Westwood Boulevard near Parking Structure 9.” The pine tree was planted in the 1990s, he said.

Campus officials will consider later how to replace the trees.