Chancellor Gene Block and Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost Emily Carter sent the following message to the UCLA campus community on Nov. 4.

These are extraordinary times for the United States. All of us have been affected by the pandemic, and many of us have had strong feelings as we’ve watched our nation grapple with racial injustice and a divisive election season. An unprecedented number of people — especially young people — voted in the election, and we are grateful to all of you who participated.

No election, regardless of outcome, will shake UCLA’s dedication to our core values of equity, diversity and inclusion and to protecting the well-being of each and every one of you. We know our Bruin community is vast and filled with diverse viewpoints. We must respect one another despite our differences, even when it is difficult. Every hope for our nation and our own community is centered upon honoring our shared commitment to caring for and engaging one another with respect.

We want to support you during this time and write to share the below resources:

  • The Office of Strategic Communications created an Election 2020 microsite to provide you with sound facts, helpful analysis and timely messages from campus about the election.

In the days and months to come, many of us may feel anxiety and uncertainty. We may join a protest. We may be frustrated by what others do and say at times. We may even be hurt by those who disrespect us, even after we have worked to show them the respect we, too, deserve. At the same time, we need to find paths forward that draw upon our Bruin values of collaboration and understanding.

UCLA has prospered for 101 years precisely because of collaboration, understanding, a search for the best solutions and an unrelenting commitment to our global society and the greater good. Our nation and our university will only thrive if we build our future together with compassion.

We hope that better things and easier times lie ahead after this exceedingly difficult year. If we remember that compassion is not weakness and that we can show respect without sacrificing our principles, then we will always endure — as citizens of the world and also as Bruins.


Gene D. Block

Emily A. Carter
Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost