The winners of the 2018 Gerald Loeb Awards were announced June 25 at a ceremony and banquet in New York. The Gerald Loeb Awards are among the highest honors in journalism, recognizing the work of journalists whose contributions illuminate the world of business, finance and the economy for readers and viewers around the globe.

The Gerald Loeb Awards include two special awards for career contributions: The Lifetime Achievement Award, which was presented to Joann S. Lublin, former management news editor of the Wall Street Journal, and the Lawrence Minard Editor Award, which was awarded to Kaiser Health News’ senior enterprise editor, John Hillkirk. In addition, winners of 12 competition categories were named at the banquet. The following is a list of the 2018 Loeb Award recipients.

Audio Winner

“Robot-Proof Jobs” by David Brancaccio, Katie Long, Nicole Childers, Ben Tolliday, Daniel Ramirez, and Paulina Velasco – Marketplace

Beat Reporting Winner

“Automating Hate” by Julia Angwin, Jeff Larson, Ariana Tobin, Madeleine Varner, Noam Scheiber, and Hannes Grassegger – ProPublica

Breaking News Winner

“Ouster at Uber” by Mike Isaac, Farhad Manjoo, Kevin Roose, and Ashwin Seshagiri – The New York Times

Commentary Winner

“The Pharmalot View” by Ed Silverman – STAT

Explanatory Winner

“The Body Trade” by Brian Grow, John Shiffman, Blake Morrison, Elizabeth Culliford, Reade Levinson, Nicholas Bogel-Burroughs, Zach Goelman, and Mike WoodReuters

Feature Winner

“Stickin’ With the Pig: A Tale of Loyalty and Loss” by Tony Bartelme – The Post and Courier

Images/Graphics/Interactives Winner

“The Trump Effect Graphics” by Christine Chan, Matthew Weber, and the Reuters team – Reuters

International Winner

“China’s Surveillance State” by Josh Chin, Liza Lin, Eva Dou, Clément Bürge, Wenxin Fan, Natasha Khan, Dan Strumpf, Charles Rollet, Jeremy Page, Elliot Bentley, Jenny O'Grady, Tyler Paige, and Giulia Marchi – The Wall Street Journal

Investigative Winner

“Culture of Harassment” by Emily Steel, Michael S. Schmidt, Jodi Kantor, Megan Twohey, Susan Chira, and Catrin Einhorn – The New York Times

Local Winner

“The Tax Divide” by Jason Grotto, Sandhya Kambhampati, and Hal Dardick – Chicago Tribune and ProPublica Illinois

Personal Finance Winner

“The Equifax Breach” by Ron Lieber – The New York Times

Video Winner

“Future of Money” by Chris Buck, Kyra Darnton, Solana Pyne, Laurence B. Chollet, Karen M. Sughrue, Erik German, Maria Villaseñor, Noah Madoff, and Jeff Bernier – Retro Report and Quartz

For more information about the Loeb Awards, please visit the Loeb Awards website.