After conducting extensive interviews with students, faculty, staff and other stakeholders, UCLA Library has relaunched its website to provide a more user-friendly experience for its 6.5 million annual visitors.

The revamp is the site’s first in nearly a decade. Bruins checking in to access resources, find research assistance and explore other services will find a sleeker design, with improved content organization and navigability.

“UCLA Library’s goal with the redesign was to create an online experience for our researchers that is as welcoming and helpful as stepping into one of our physical library locations,” said Virginia Steel, UCLA’s Norman and Armena Powell University Librarian.

Some key features:

  • Services and resources. On this page, students, instructors and other researchers can find a comprehensive overview of more than 60 library services and resources, including research guides, consultation scheduling, and data and technology services, along with in-person services at each library location.
  • Ask us. Users now have a more convenient way to submit research questions to library staff.
  • Feedback. Here, site visitors are invited to share their suggestions about both the website and the physical locations, which will help UCLA Library continually improve its services.
  • Featured collections. Users can now more easily discover and engage with a highlighted selection of the library’s noteworthy collections.
  • Events and exhibitions. Site visitors can access an up-to-date listing of online and in-person events and workshops, and can view online exhibitions of the library’s collections. 

The relaunch is the first in a series of efforts to improve the accessibility of library services and resources online for research, teaching and learning. The Library plans to continue improving the site based on users’ needs and the opportunities presented by new technologies.