UCLA has been recognized in three categories of the 2015 Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Best Practice Awards Competition from the California Higher Education Sustainability Conference:

  • Sustainable Living Community won in the category of Student Sustainability Program. See a video about the program’s themed residential floor here.
  • The Institute of the Environment and Sustainability’s student-led program Education for Sustainable Living Program won an award for Sustainability in Academics. See a video about the program below.
  • UCLA received an honorable mention in the category of Water Efficiency and Site Water Quality for Campus High-Purity Water Management.

These awards recognize the achievements that California campuses have made through innovative and effective energy efficiency projects and sustainable operations, showcase specific projects as models to be used by other campuses to achieve energy efficiency and sustainability goals, and provide campus staff with a compendium of best practice projects that could be transferable to their campus.

The winners will receive their awards and give presentations on their projects at the California Higher Education Sustainability Conference July 20-24 at San Francisco State University.

Find more information about UCLA Sustainability here.