Campus Human Resources is recruiting for the 2019–2020 Professional Development Program, and will accept applications until April 5. The program, which will begin its next cycle in August, offers participants the opportunity to improve skills, develop networks and enhance understanding of university culture.

The program will consist of a career assessment retreat, individual development planning, team-building seminars and mentoring. In addition, participants will work on special projects sponsored by campus leaders and expand their understanding of UCLA business operations by practicing project management, research and analysis, collaboration, report preparation and public speaking.

Requirements for the program include:

  • Full-time, career employment in professional and support staff classifications (grades 2-6) and programmer analyst 2 and above
  • Department endorsement for participation
  • Minimum of one year of service in a career appointment at UCLA by Aug. 1, 2019

Those interested in applying must also submit a current resume, a participant application and have a supervisor complete a supervisor recommendation.

For more information about the Professional Development Program or the application process, contact Megan Eigenbrod at