UCLA Environment, Health and Safety has added two new features to the campus Bruins Safe app that allow users to directly report safety concerns and “near misses” that require attention.

A safety concern is any potential unmitigated hazard, unsafe condition or situation that poses a safety risk; a near miss is defined as an event that had the potential to cause harm or damage but did not result in any injury or loss.

► UCLA students, staff and faculty are encouraged to download the Bruins Safe app in the Apple App Store or Google Play.

“We all play a critical role in helping to bolster UCLA’s safety culture,” said Curtis Plotkin, assistant vice chancellor for environment, health and safety, who added that reports can be submitted anonymously. “We want Bruins to work with us to create a safer UCLA, and an important part of this is communicating safety issues as they arise so they can be quickly resolved.”

In addition, members of the UCLA community who have ideas related to further safety improvements are encouraged to share their suggestions by sending an email to safetyandcompliance@ehs.ucla.edu.