The 2017 summer Fit Zone and Fit Break schedules start Monday, June 26, and will run until Friday, Sept.15. These short classes and breaks are free to all UCLA staff and faculty members. They are scheduled in convenient locations on campus throughout the day to make taking a break easy and fun. 

No registration is needed to participate in a 15-minute-long Fit Break. The location and times for Fit Breaks throughout the week can be found on this schedule.  

Fit Zone classes range from 15 minutes to an hour and require online registration. The many summer classes offered include yoga, Zumba and the weekly class, “Laugh Your Abs Off!.” Times and locations for classes as well as the Fit Zone registration link can be found on the Fit Zone schedule

Fit Zones are provided by UCLA Recreation as part of its FITWELL Program.  Recreation membership is not required to participate in Fit Zone. For more information about Fit Zones or the UCLA Recreation FITWELL Program, go here