You may have noticed a new visitor to your email inboxes these last two months and wondered: What is UCnetwork? Is this another newsletter I didn’t sign up for?

The answer is yes, but as a staff member at the University of California, this one is worth your time. It's the first systemwide newsletter created specifically with staff in mind, and don't worry, it comes just once a month.

Recognizing that staff have unique concerns and priorities, UCnetwork is designed to support them. Each issue of the newsletter will keep staff in the loop about universitywide news, benefits information, learning opportunities and stories about colleagues who are propelling UC’s mission through their everyday work.

Every issue of UCnetwork includes:

  • Our values at work: Learn about systemwide programs and initiatives that reflect and build upon UC’s values.
  • Ask HR: Get your human resources questions answered, along with tips for making the most of your UC benefits.
  • Grow with UC: Find out about professional development resources that can help you advance your career.
  • Making a difference: Read stories about colleagues who are bringing UC’s mission to life through their day-to-day work.
  • Stay healthy with UC: Get the latest health and wellness news, including top-notch research from UC experts.
  • Staff Snapshot: Read short, fun profiles contributed by UC staff — and share your own!

Staff are invited to submit ideas via email and: 

  • Send human resources or benefits-related questions for “Ask HR.”
  • Submit a staff snapshot.
  • Tell us about your role in a project that supports UC’s mission.
  • Share a story idea for a future issue.

FAQs about UCnetwork:

How and when is UCnetwork distributed?

UCnetwork is emailed to all UC staff on the second Wednesday of each month. If you choose to unsubscribe, you’ll be removed from future issues, unless you actively re-subscribe. Be UC savvy: Stay connected!

Is all UCnetwork content available online?

Yes. All issues of UCnetwork will be archived online, and many articles are posted on UCnet.

Why is UCnetwork sent only to staff?

UC staff have unique concerns and priorities, and this publication is designed to support them. Interested UC faculty, students and retirees are welcome to subscribe with a valid UC email address.

Who can I contact if I have another question not listed here?

Feel free to email us at