UCLA staff, faculty and students who park on campus can now purchase their parking permits online. Purchases must be made by May 31.

The move to the paperless permits will allow customers to do away with the tags that hang from rearview mirrors and instead use their license plate as their permit. The new system will pilot the use of license-plate recognition software to scan each vehicles’ plate.

Drivers who previously changed their hangtag from one car to another can instead register up to three cars on one parking permit under the new system. License-plate scanners will check each plate number against parking’s database to verify that a car has a valid permit, and that only one car is using each permit at a time. 

Drivers can use the new online system to manage their permits, changing which cars are on their permit same-day. This means rental cars can be easily added to a permit. However, because only one car from a permit is allowed to park at a time, UCLA Transportation recommends against registering one car on more than one permit to avoid tickets.

Before purchasing your permit, please note the following:

  • Make sure to have your license plate number since you will have to enter it before purchasing your permit
  • You will also need to enter the year, make, model and color of all cars associated with your permit
  • Log in with your UCLA Logo and select “Get Permits” to choose your permit type
  • Enter July 1, 2019 as the permit effective start date
  • Register and assign your vehicle to your new permit before completing the purchase process
  • Continue to use your current parking placard until it expires on June 30, 2019

By being able to to purchase and manage their permits online, Bruins will no longer have to visit transportation’s building in person to wait in line for hangtags and gate access cards.

The department noted that the ePermit system will not only streamline parking for customers, but also support campus sustainability goals and the University of California’s commitment to carbon neutrality by 2025 and zero waste by 2020. Approximately 1,500 pounds of paper and 30,000 plastic hangtags will be eliminated from the parking production process annually, and Bruins can prevent their now-defunct gate-access cards from filling up a landfill by turning them in to Transportation so they can be re-used for other purposes. Customers can also expect shorter lines for times they do need to visit the transportation lobby, and will never again have to worry about fees for lost or stolen hangtags, the department announced.

For more information, please visit the this FAQ page.