As we enter the winter holiday season, UCLA would like to remind all staff and faculty to refrain from sending personal items through the campus mail stream.

Historically, with the advent of online ordering of gifts for friends and family, we have seen an increase in the use of UCLA as a delivery address for personal shopping. During the months of November, December and January, this inappropriate use of UCLA Mail Services has obligated state-funded employees to conduct searches and follow-up for a high volume of non-business related inquiries, causing unnecessary delays in the processing of important business mail.

UCLA Mail Services are to be used for University-related business only. UCLA Policy 310 states: “Mail Services are reserved for official university business only. Personal mail, personal bills, and personal e-commerce (e.g., personal online purchases) are not considered official business, and may neither be received in campus departments nor sent out at UCLA expense.”

In an effort to ensure the timeliness of business mail delivery, we ask that all members of the campus community take responsibility for compliance with university policy regarding mail services.