Not since the fall of Communism, has Europe faced such a divisive issue that has tested the limits of its ability to reach a consensus on the migrant crisis.  According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, approximately half a million migrants and refugees have arrived in Europe this year and this number is only expected to rise. 

UCLA’S Center for European and Russian Studies present a discussion about the migration crisis with the following experts: Asli Bali, professor of law at UCLA’s Law School; Ivan Berend, professor of history at UCLA; and Hiroshi Motomura, professor of law at UCLA Law School, 12 p.m., Friday, Sept. 25, at the UCLA Law School, room 1447.

Bâli’s research includes public international law, arms control, human rights and international humanitarian law as well as comparative law of the Middle East. “Negotiating Non-Proliferation: International Law and Delegation in the Iranian Nuclear Crisis” is her most recent publication.

Berend’s research interests lie in 19th and 20th century European economic history and the social, cultural and economic history of Central and Eastern Europe, including the transition from state socialism to market economy. He often teaches courses on the economic history of Europe between 1780 and 1914 and in the 20th century.

Motomura specializes in immigration and citizenship law and has published many widely cited articles and books in these areas. His most recent book, “Immigration Outside the Law,” won the Association of American Publishers' Law and Legal Studies 2015 PROSE Award.

For more information about the event, visit UCLA’s Center for European and Russian Studies