University of California employees have the option to contribute to UC cancer research when filing their state income taxes this year.

UC administers two cancer programs on behalf of the state of California. These programs, supported in part by donations from taxpayers, focus on prevention, treatment and the survivability of all types of cancer. Ninety-five percent of contributions go directly to research and education efforts.

If you’d like to support this work, you can do so when you fill out California’s 540 Income Tax Return form. It includes a section that lists funds to which taxpayers may contribute:

  • Line 405 supports the California Breast Cancer Research Voluntary Tax Contribution Fund. Since its inception, the program has awarded more than $279 million toward breast cancer research. A recent grant, for example, focused on the health impact some of the chemical compounds found in commonly used shampoos, cosmetics and other beauty products may have on teen girls.
  • Line 413 supports the California Cancer Research Voluntary Tax Contribution Fund. Donations are used to advance prevention and biomedical research for all kinds of cancer, such as the work underway to harness the human immune system to recognize and destroy cancer cells.