We all know we should take the stairs more often, but so many of us end up not being able to resist the siren call of the elevator. To help staff and faculty overcome their addictions to convenience, UCLA Recreation invites everyone to sign up for the annual “12 Staircases of December Challenge.”

Each weekday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. beginnning Dec. 3 and continuing through Dec. 14, participants can join a group of stair climbers at a different location on campus. And for a little extra motiviation, by attending three staircases and the finale at the Janss Steps, you can earn a 2-in-1 neck warmer/hat.

Click here to sign up.


Monday, Dec. 3
UCLA Anderson School of Management

Tuesday, Dec. 4
Gonda (Goldschmied) Neuroscience and Genetics Research Center (across from Parking Structure 8 driveway)

Wednesday, Dec. 5
Broad Art Center

Thursday, Dec. 6
Staircase between Ackerman Union and Engineering IV

Friday, Dec. 7
Drake Stadium or Wilshire Center staircase (for Wilshire Center employees only)

Saturday Dec. 8 and Sunday Dec. 9
Find a staircase near you

Monday, Dec. 10
La Kretz Hall

Tuesday, Dec. 11
CHS Staircase (UCLA Fielding School of Public Health, off of Charles E. Young Drive South)

Wednesday, Dec. 12
Stairs that go from Covel Commons to Rieber

Thursday, Dec. 13
Bunche Hall west staircase

Friday, Dec. 14
Janss Steps