Society, Struggle, Scholarship
Since their birth in the turbulent late ’60s, UCLA’s four ethnic studies centers have made waves far beyond the campus. Now, as they celebrate their 50th anniversary in a divided America, their mission — to use advanced research to bring about social justice — takes on added urgency.

Club Life
UCLA’s club scene is eclectic and manifold. Here are three favorites.

Brian Rea

Business Boom
Across campus, UCLA faculty, students and other entrepreneurs are busy bringing business ideas to life. This nurturing environment is spawning successful enterprises of all kinds — and forging a reputation for the university as the place to go for startups.

Bill Walton: Still Truckin’
The basketball player recently talked about his approach to life, what he’s learned and his love for his alma mater.


At Issue: A Level Playing Field
Many California students don’t apply to UCLA because they assume it’s out of their reach. Project Welcome aims to inspire those as young as 13 to make this their dream school.

Change Agent: Problem Solver
Software designer Evan Sullivan ’13 is developing apps that enable drivers to remotely control their cars.

Julia Breckenreid

Life Signs: Be Prepared
Today, retirement can last almost as long as a career, so it’s important to plan accordingly — physically, socially and financially.

Forward Thinker: A Voice for the Marginalized
Professor Gina Kim is using virtual reality to subvert Hollywood stereotypes of Asians, women and others.

Hail to the Hills: Cold Play
An all-year ice rink, the Tropical Ice Gardens thrived in Westwood Village from 1938 to 1949 and was home to UCLA’s ice hockey team.

End Point: The Big Picture
The “50 Years of Resistance” mural represents powerful moments of the past 50 years.


Magic Lantern Man
Erkki Huhtamo finds a light worth keeping alive in the preservation of magic lanterns.

Game Changer
Natalie Nakase took her basketball coaching experience to the next level: the NBA level.

Taking the Initiative
College enrollment resources for students in low-income backgrounds have been limited in the past, but that’s starting to change.

Rewriting Life Stories
UCLA students and faculty are trying to break through the limitations of juvenile delinquency through education.