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Happenings for May

A Bruin guide to this month’s most intriguing events at UCLA.

Happenings for April

A Bruin guide to this month’s most intriguing events at UCLA.

A Different Kind of Course Work

The UCLA Teaching Kitchen is part of a whole new campus ecosystem putting Bruin ingenuity to work in the world of food.

Food for Thought

Bruin Plate, where students enjoy some of the tastiest cuisine in L.A., proves the days of the old-time college cafeteria are over.

Dinner Is Served

Impress your guests with these three campus recipes — from Bruin Plate and Plateia — at your next soiree.

An Idea to Dwell On

Exploring how to tame urban sprawl around the world, Vinit Mukhija finds an answer in our own backyard.

The Miracle Worker

For more than 35 years, Dr. Gary Parker has lived and worked aboard a Mercy Ship, helping the world’s poorest disfigured people.

Lost and Found

A lost mural design by La Kretz Botany Building architect Paul Revere Williams was finally brought to life in 2017.

A Bruin in the Forecast

UCLA’s Daniel Swain has become one of the nation’s most sought-after experts on the urgency of combating climate change.

A Call to Action, Answered

After the Supreme Court reversed Roe v. Wade, the state partnered with UCLA to help women secure their reproductive freedom.

Sing a Song of Westwood

It’s UCLA’s biggest musical event of the year. But Spring Sing is so much more.

The Justice League

Armed with passion, intellect and vision, the crusaders of UCLA’s Activist-in-Residence Program are as trailblazing as the initiative.

A Fashionable Cause

Two Bruins reconnect to help combat Alzheimer’s by marrying philanthropy and style.

The Starship Social Enterprise

An award-winning UCLA academy is training the next generation of impact investors and nonprofit leaders.

Happenings for March

A Bruin guide to this month’s most intriguing events at UCLA.
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