Power to the People
Across campus and across disciplines, UCLA initiatives are tackling tough issues of human rights abuse worldwide and promoting global education about civil societies.

The First Responders
UCLA’s Paramedic Program is one of the toughest in the nation, and the instructors training the next generation of lifesavers wouldn’t have it any other way.

Education for Everyone
UCLA Extension, the lifelong learning resource that began a century ago, is no longer content to just let students come to them. Instead, the program is reaching out to underserved areas, making education accessible to all.

Globe Trotters
UCLA’s Alumni Travel Program offers a lot more than sun, sand and umbrella drinks. The adventures are rich and varied, especially when a renowned university scholar comes along.


At Issue: Making a Difference
Many UCLA scholars devote their careers to preparing students for a lifetime of public service. That commitment takes on special meaning in an election year.

Change Agent: Life Lessons
Who better to inspire struggling students than a high school dropout who holds three UCLA degrees and heads the L.A. County Office of Education?

Forward Thinker: Mirror Image
UCLA neuroscientist Marco Iacoboni studies mirror neurons — the brain cells that make us love watching sports, say yes to persuasive salespeople and be quick to empathize with others.

José Merino

Life Signs: Siren Calling
Politicians aren’t the only ones who can vary their vocal qualities to display their personality, arouse emotions and influence others. You can, too.

Hail to the Hills: The Way We Were
Bruins of all ages love to recall the Westwood stores, cafés and nightspots where they made lasting memories.


Oh, Snap
UCLA researchers find that social media is just as addictive for teens as chocolate.

Are E-Cigarettes Safe?
UCLA School of Dentistry research finds cause for concern.

Jurassic Car Park
UCLA researchers look at car models through the lens of evolutionary biology.