Back in Blue
The four assistant coaches profiled here are national champions, Olympians and former pros, with special ties to UCLA.

The Storytelling School
In the past decade, UCLA’s School of Theater, Film and Television has transformed itself into a true 21st-century entertainment school: The Skoll Center for Social Impact Entertainment. Emerging digital platforms. Commitment to humanistic storytelling. And more.

The Evolution of Earthquake Science
UCLA scientists are increasing our understanding of earthquakes and helping California prepare for catastrophe.


At Issue: Emphasis on Access
UCLA enrolls more transfer students than any other UC campus. We work with community colleges all across California to attract qualified applicants.

Courtesy of Martine Rothblatt

Change Agent: Reinventing the World
When Martine Rothblatt sees a roadblock, she stops at nothing to remove it.

Forward Thinker: Everything in Moderation
Sarah Roberts studies people who screen social media platforms for obscene and violent content and reveals the toll this work takes on their lives.

Life Signs: Better Together
Building an effective team takes more than just bringing a group of people together and giving them a task.

Hail to the Hills: Final Service
Things came full circle for Arthur Ashe, whose first and final victories took place in the very same tournament.


It’s Your Move
Valorie Kondos Field’s success in gymnastics coaching is rooted in her past endeavors — and now made public in her new book.

Gold Standard
Pulitzer Prize–winning restaurant critic and food writer Jonathan Gold ’82 died on July 21, 2018.

Pulp Fiction
Lee Goldberg had a thrilling path into the world of mystery literature.