Jeremy Jackson

On his third shoot for UCLA Magazine, L.A.-based photographer JEREMY JACKSON had a front-row seat to watch internationally acclaimed acting coach and movement director Jean-Louis Rodrigue displaying the Alexander Technique. Veteran UCLA faculty member Rodrigue has called this technique “a form of psychophysical reeducation.” Jackson, who specializes in portraiture, dancers and athletes, says, “I really appreciated his willingness to be experimental in front of the camera.” He adds that the presence on the faculty of Rodrigue, who has coached actors for huge Hollywood blockbusters, exemplifies how UCLA academics also play pivotal roles at the highest levels of their professions. Jackson has shot for publications such as The Hollywood Reporter and Fast Company, as well as for corporate clients such as Apple, Nike and Jeep.

Alisha Jucevic

ALISHA JUCEVIC captured portraits of the four brave, resilient organ transplant recipients featured in “The Gift of Lives.” The Los Angeles–based photojournalist found the journeys of the four UCLA Health patients remarkable. “Each individual had an amazing story of strength,” she says. “It was powerful to hear how their loved ones stepped in to support them during these intense, and in some cases near-death, experiences.” A regular contributor to The New York TimesThe Washington Post and CalMatters, among others, Jucevic began her career as a photographer for community newspapers in Texas, Indiana, Washington and her home state of Oregon. 

Joe Mandrake

“I want people to learn that even though much of the scientific research going on in UCLA labs may sound lofty and complex, what’s being developed has the potential to make a real difference in people’s lives,” says JOE MANDRAKE. In this issue, he profiles the work of Chuanzhen Zhao ’20, who has developed groundbreaking new technology to diagnose and treat stress. Mandrake says, “These scientists are motivated by more than just professional achievement — it’s also the real desire to help others in practical ways.” A freelance writer specializing in online essays, fiction and screenwriting, Mandrake has had his work regularly featured in online publications, including Le Labo and Le Journal Society. 

Bethany Mollenkof

“I love photographing artists,” BETHANY MOLLENKOF says, “especially when it involves creating an image that pays homage to their craft.” In this case, the exceptional artist is English professor Harryette Mullen, and her craft is poetry. Mollenkof consumed the master poet’s work in anticipation of the shoot, which led her to decide on an outdoor setting. “The way the afternoon light danced off the campus buildings and trees sparked the inspiration for the double exposure we created,” Mollenkof says. Brands and publications such as Google, Adidas, Mercedes-Benz, American Express, Time magazine and National Geographic have all called upon Mollenkof to deliver work that is vibrant, thoughtful and purpose-driven. 

Jonathan Riggs

Contributing editor JONATHAN RIGGS admits that he’s something of a neophyte when it comes to politics. So he found himself both educated and inspired by the passion, dedication and “optimism despite everything” embodied by the UCLA professors he interviewed who are working to protect voting rights. “I hope readers feel the same way and realize that the important work these scholars and their students are doing isn’t just their responsibility,” he says. “It’s all of ours.” The director of development communications for the UCLA College, Riggs has served as a writer and editor at Dartmouth, the University of Pennsylvania and Swarthmore College and has written for publications that include the Los Angeles Times, Idolator and

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