What is the taste of your favorite song?

A new lab at the UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music explores a range of questions like that one, rejecting the premise of music as merely a sonic experience.

After opening in the summer of 2020, the Practice-based Experimental Epistemology Research Lab — or PEER Lab — is preparing to celebrate its launch with a series of free public workshops. The first event is scheduled for April 29, with others to be held on the final Thursday in successive months. Audiences will be invited to experience music using all of their senses and reconsider how their senses guide their experiences. (Learn more and register for the events.)

The PEER Lab is led by UCLA musicologist and vocalist Nina Eidsheim, whose research centers on the concept of music as an event rather than as an object. Epistemology refers to the theory of knowledge or the systems we use to establish knowledge.

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