Building a Portfolio of Hope

Mining her own life for inspiration, Erika Hirugami is turning a spotlight on the beautiful art of undocumented creatives. She’s also changing their lives.

Diving In

Tongva artist Mercedes Dorame ’03 has brought Catalina Island to the Getty, hoping to reaffirm her tribe’s presence — and meaning — in Los Angeles.

Living Between Worlds

Wu Tsang M.F.A. ’10 is one of our most fascinating and talented provocateurs, challenging the very notion of what art is — and what it can be.

Happenings for March

A Bruin guide to this month’s most intriguing events at UCLA.

2023 reflections: Stepping boldly into the future

It’s that time again — an opportunity to take stock of a year filled with awe-inspiring achievements and more than a few surprises, and to celebrate the accomplishments of our entire Bruin community.
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