Thinking L.A.


There’s a difference between riots and rebellion

Dismissing unrest in America’s cities as aimless violence overlooks the roots of people’s anger, according to the panelists at a UCLA-Zócalo event examining the history of urban resistance.

Homelessness is not inevitable

Obstacles, ranging from skyrocketing housing costs and insufficient state and federal funding to social stigma, are sending greater numbers of Americans onto the streets, said a UCLA-Zocalo panel of experts on homelessness.

Gentrification in L.A. isn't about hipsters becoming your neighbors

A panel of Angelenos who study and work to improve the city honed in on how best to manage the forces that are rapidly transforming neighborhoods like Highland Park and Lincoln Heights. Participating was UCLA architecture and urban design professor Dana Cuff.

What will the new Cuba look like?

A panel of experts that included UCLA Latin America and Caribbean literature scholar Jorge Marturano shared their perspectives on the future of Cuba during a discussion at a “Thinking L.A.” event co-presented by UCLA and Zócalo.

UCLA faculty voice: The morality of murder

Anthropology professor Alan Page Fiske writes in an op-ed that the ‘Charlie Hebdo’ attackers, like so many people who use violence, probably thought they were acting righteously.

Is revival of downtown L.A. real?

At a “Thinking L.A.” event copresented by UCLA and Zocalo Public Square, a panel that included two UCLA professors discuss the transformation of downtown L.A. and whether it lives up to the current hype.

Randy Newman really loves L.A.

In an interview, Randy Newman, who attended UCLA, explains how growing up and living in Los Angeles as influenced him. The event was part of the "Thinking L.A." series co-sponsored by UCLA and Zócalo Public Square.

Eric Garcetti: Rock star or bureaucrat?

In an event co-sponsored by UCLA and Zocalo Public Square, Luskin School of Public Affairs Dean Franklin D. Gilliam, Jr. and others disagree on Mayor Garcetti’s first year in office.
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