This Saturday, UCLA extends a spirited Bruin welcome to 7,000 admitted transfer students and their family members on Bruin Day 2016 for transfers. The daylong program gives future Bruins a firsthand glimpse of the world-class academic opportunities and campus lifestyle that make UCLA the best choice to attend.

Students stepping up from community college to one of the top-ranked universities in the world will hear from staff from UCLA’s First Year Experience program about building community, navigating campus resources and strategizing for academic success. Attendees can tour the campus, top to bottom, and visit residence halls, recreational facilities, laboratories and libraries; attend fairs and open houses for study abroad programs, career center programs, and resource centers for LGBT, veterans and parenting students. A panel of current students will share their experiences in “What’s Great About UCLA,” and alumni from UCLA’s huge and far-flung alumni network will talk about the “Lifetime Advantages of Being a Bruin.”

A family photo commemorates a student's decision to commit to UCLA.

UCLA Bruin Day guests can also sit in on faculty lectures, including Egyptologist Willeke Wendrich 's talk on the search for a missing tomb in “Secret Passages, Ancient Curses: New Research in the Tomb of Tut-ankh-Amun” and sociologist Abigail Saguy's views on “What's Wrong with Fat?,” exploring how obesity became a medical problem and public health crisis in the public's eyes.

For detailed information and up-to-the-minute posts and photos, visit the UCLA Bruin Day website and search #UCLAbound on your social media accounts.