It was 2015, and Tirzah Nuño was a sophomore looking to earn some income while going to school. When a senior working at UCLA Transportation encouraged Nuño to try for a position available with the department, she went for it.

Nuño would then become a member of the parking operations team, joining a host of other student workers within the department who provide customer service, work as parking and valet attendants, assist with parking for campus events and operate fleet vans.

The student worker pay was also highly competitive within the department, starting at $16 an hour and going up to $20, Nuño said.

But it wasn’t just about the money. Those early transportation duties taught her responsibility, teamwork and leadership — skills she says have been invaluable in her current role as a senior project analyst, managing process and program improvements for better customer service and employee satisfaction.

“I learned some very valuable lessons on the job about accountability, time management and developing a work ethic. Each of these are so important in the professional world, and picking them up early on gave me a strong foundation to grow from,” Nuño said.

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