Yes, It’s Their Business

The new “Bruin 100” showcases the ingenuity — and entrepreneurial spirit — of a wide swath of alumni.

The Impressionist

Karen Mack believes the solution to what ails Los Angeles can be found at the intersection of art and civics.

Good Sports

A rundown of heroes who once competed in the blue and gold — and are now letting their mouths do the running.

Born In Boyle Heights

For decades, this East Los Angeles enclave has sent students to UCLA, while university scholars have added to the understanding of the community’s diverse history.

Artistic Answers

In UCLA’s Department of Design Media Arts, software is the tool used to solve problems and imagine possibilities.

In a League of Their Own

The untold story of the feisty squad that 40 years ago won the first-ever NCAA championship in softball — and changed UCLA athletics for women forever.

Food of the City

At Ray Garcia’s latest venture, Asterid at Disney Hall, the cuisine is inspired by L.A. and its diverse cultures.
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