Alumni Helen and Morgan Chu pledge $10 million to benefit UCLA Institute of American Culture

The Chus, who are longtime donors to UCLA, participated in student-led protests in the 1960s that brought about the creation of UCLA’s ethnic studies centers.

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What prevents more of the AANHPI community from seeking mental health care?

Community-informed research helped UCLA scholars outline why these groups have some of the lowest rates of mental health service utilization — and what to do about it. 

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UCLA professor Evyn Lê Espiritu Gandhi is bringing migrant and refugee stories to light

The scholar’s academic and multimedia works explore how cultural memory can push back against state-imposed erasures of a group’s history. 

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Danielle Kalani Heinz studies the ancient landscapes of Hawaii to connect with ancestors

Heinz, a doctoral student in the UCLA College, discusses her passion for bringing greater equity to her field of study and what scientists can do to conduct more equitable, community-centered research.

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UCLA Labor Center’s Kent Wong honored by Los Angeles for human relations advocacy

Wong, who led the UCLA Labor Center for over 30 years and now serves as its project director for labor and community partnerships, was recognized in January 2024 by the Los Angeles County Human Relations Commission.

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Dagny Parayao aims to break ‘bamboo ceiling’ for Asian Americans

The computer science student is working toward getting more Asian American and Filipino representation in engineering and science. 

Read more about Dagny Parayao from the UCLA Samueli School of Engineering

UCLA–Japan dentistry exchange program marks three decades

Bruins in the program have made regular journeys to Japan’s Meikai University and Asahi University to share and absorb the latest in dental techniques and technology — and get a taste of the local culture.

Read more about the program’s genesis in a moment of tragedy — and its mission to heal — from UCLA Newsroom

How Meera Varma learned the language of mental health

As an activist, writer and TedX speaker, the UCLA graduate student has challenged the conversation around mental illness, especially within her local Indian community. 

Read about Varma’s personal motives for starting a mental health awareness platform from UCLA Newsroom

Ninez Ponce receives Elizabeth Fries Health Education Award for work in health and data equity

Ponce, who leads the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research, was honored for her work in helping ensure public health data collection goes beyond just including historically underrepresented communities.   

Read more about Ponce and her work to democratize data from UCLA Newsroom

Chuanzhen Zhao unlocks new possibilities for personal health monitoring

Thanks to Zhao, individuals may soon be able to measure in any precise moment exactly how stressed they are — and take the proportional steps to deal with it. 

Read about Zhao’s wrist patches and possible applications from UCLA Magazine

MacArthur Fellow Wu Tsang is challenging the notion of what art is

On the road to discovering herself, both in her gender identity and in her identity as an artist, Tsang had one goal: to study with famed conceptual artist and UCLA professor emerita, Mary Kelly. 

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King-Kok Cheung honored with lifetime achievement award

Cheung, who was recognized by the Association for Asian American Studies in 2023 for her lifelong contribution to advancing the field, was the first faculty member of Asian descent to join the English department at UCLA in 1984. 

Read about Cheung’s efforts to bring more diverse voices into academia from the UCLA College

Bruins represent the most recruits of any university in new web services corps

UCLA alumnae Anjenica “Nikki” Ramos, Samantha Chai and Tiffany Feng were among 38 inaugural recipients of a two-year fellowship recruiting early career technologists to bring federal websites into the 21st century. 

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UTeaLA teaches students how to find mindfulness in a bowl

At UCLA, a student club led by Professor Michelle Liu Carriger teaches the art of the Japanese tea ceremony, or “o-temae,” a practice that is also about calming the mind and being present in the moment.

Read more about the UTeaLA’s origins in Westwood — and in ancient Zen Buddhism —  from UCLA Newsroom

Cindy Fan on the importance of global studies and perspectives

The vice provost for international studies and global engagement at UCLA is one of five new members joining the National Academy of International Education in 2024. 

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