UCLA has experts on U.S.-Latin American relations, the political landscapes in Latin American countries, Latin American history, culture and art, and the role of Latin America in the world economy. Click an expert's name to find a more detailed biography and contact information.

Raúl Hinojosa-Ojeda specializes in Latin American politics, international political economy, immigration and U.S.–Latin American relations.

Robin Derby is an expert on Latin American history, including Latin American political regimes, authoritarianism and U.S. imperialism.

Kevin Terraciano specializes in colonial Latin American history. He can speak to the demographics and culture of the region, and the irony that the first non-European pope is a Jesuit from Latin America, although the Jesuits were expelled from Latin American during the colonial period.

Sebastian Edwards is an expert on international economic development and the world economy.

Patrick Polk is an expert on Caribbean and Latin American popular art.

To find more faculty members with expertise, search the Media Guide to UCLA Experts.