Every year as Californians file their state income taxes, they have an opportunity to help University of California researchers and others in the fight against cancer.

UC administers two highly regarded cancer research programs on behalf of the state. These programs, funded in part by taxpayer donations, aim to prevent breast, lung and other cancers, while increasing survival rates by funding cutting-edge research and health education.

In donating through this year’s tax return, any contribution — no matter the size — can make a difference; 95% of the contribution goes directly to research and education.

California’s 540 Income Tax Return includes a section that lists funds to which taxpayers can contribute:

Line 405 supports the California Breast Cancer Research Fund. Since its inception, the program has awarded more than $260 million within California to prevent, treat and cure breast cancer. A recent grant, for example, studied effective therapies for breast cancer metastasis to bone, the leading cause of breast cancer mortality.

Line 413 supports the California Cancer Research Fund. This program advances a wide range of health education and biomedical research, including promising efforts aimed at developing a cost-effective blood test to detect cancer early, when it is most treatable. It also recently funded one of the very first studies to analyze the cancer-causing potential of aerosols from e-cigarettes.

By supporting these programs, UC researchers and others across California will be provided with necessary resources allowing them to make discoveries that will benefit everyone.