UCLA IS BRINGING THE BEST in arts and culture, community events and entertainment. From music performances to symposiums, February is full of exciting experiences for Bruins. For more UCLA events, visit community.ucla.edu.

 FEBRUARY 3, 10, 17 and 24 | 6–7:30 P.M. 

Young Alumni Career Launchpad

These sessions are designed for young alumni who want to prime their professional toolkit for a successful job search. Session 2 covers how to update your résumé, cover letter and online assets to maximize your job search. Session 3 demonstrates how to network effectively — virtually and in person. Session 4 provides insights and feedback from mock interviews. Session 5 features a panel of Bruin leaders who will discuss building relationships with colleagues in a remote setting, getting off to a strong start in a new job during a pandemic and setting boundaries to find balance.

 FEBRUARY 4 | 11 A.M. 

Preparing for Even Wilder Wildfires

As part of the 2021 Luskin Summit, this webinar will examine how wildfires ravaged an unprecedented amount of California in the past 12 months. This session will explore the impacts of wildfires on health, low-income housing and small water systems, as well as highlight innovative tactics to increase resiliency, especially for populations that are the most vulnerable. Registration is now open.

 FEBRUARY 9 | 12 P.M. 

Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the February 9, 1971, San Fernando California Earthquake

Hosted by the UCLA Samueli School of Engineering, this event will feature seminars on the 1971 event and progress in earthquake risk mitigation since that time. Registration is now open.

 FEBRUARY 11 | 4 P.M. 

Stars of Jazz

Hosted with cool authority by musician and actor Bobby Troup, the songwriter of the beloved standard “Route 66,” this television series (1956–58) exposed audiences to the best of jazz music and its immensely gifted practitioners, at a time when few African American artists were seen on TV. Registration is now open.

 FEBRUARY 12 | 1–3 P.M. 

Virtual Valentine’s Art Extravaganza

Get ready for Valentine’s Day with an electrifying afternoon of live performance, photography and personal storytelling. The UCLA Sex Squad will put on a performance addressing sexual health issues via spoken word poetry, humorous skits, movement and dance, and interactive audience role-playing. Also, HIV-positive artist-activists will share photography and personal narratives.

 FEBRUARY 12 | 7 P.M. 

Seven Limbs

Seven Limbs, composed by Douglas Cuomo, is based on the Tibetan Buddhist practice of purification. It is a work of art that sets the musicians in a landscape that feels unfamiliar — where the ground under their feet is always shifting in unexpected ways. Cline’s wildly inventive guitar playing and use of electronic effects will be juxtaposed with the Aizuri Quartet’s forward-thinking musical style in this collaborative performance.

 FEBRUARY 14 | 11 A.M. 

Klezmer Workshop and Concert Featuring Craig Judelman and Sasha Lurje

Dive deep into the relationship between instrumental and vocal style in this fascinating workshop, open to instrumentalists and vocalists of all levels. What gives Yiddish or klezmer music its unique flavor? How do you transfer Yiddish vocal style to an instrument? Learn all of that and more in this fun installment of the Klezmer Workshop Series, featuring famed klezmer fiddler Craig Judelman and sonorous Yiddish singer Sasha Lurje.



Ellen Reid SOUNDWALK is a free, GPS-enabled work of public art that uses music to illuminate the natural environment of L.A.’s Griffith Park. Created by Pulitzer Prize–winning composer and sound artist Ellen Reid, the experience is one guided by the listener: The path you choose dictates the music you hear, and no two visits will be exactly the same. Ellen Reid SOUNDWALK is available through 2023.

 FEBRUARY 18 | 4 P.M. 

What Kind of Revolution Was That?

As part of UCLA and the Berggruen Institute’s Possible Worlds lecture series, political theorist Danielle Allen will discuss polarization and the path forward after the Jan. 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol. Registration is now open.

 FEBRUARY 19–21 

Contact: Performing Proximity Conference

The UCLA Center for Performance Studies’ Contact: Performing Proximity conference will explore the theme of contact with keynote speakers, graduate student panels and featured performances. All events are free and open to the public. Registration is now open.

 FEBRUARY 19–21 and 26–28 

Asian American Studies Center 2021 Film Festival

The UCLA Asian American Studies Center, in partnership with the UCLA Film & Television Archive, will celebrate the legacy of Asian American studies at UCLA with a virtual film festival. The event will present online programming featuring powerful imagery and poignant commentary about meaningful issues facing Asian American and Pacific Islander communities. Audiences will hear from filmmakers and actors on their creative journeys, as well as from scholars, artists and community leaders on themes that apply to today’s world.

 FEBRUARY 20 | 5–7 P.M. 

Virtual Presence: Occupying New Realities Symposium

Envisioning environments enhanced by and built with media, the Virtual Presence symposium aims to investigate scenarios where occupants of such architectures travel seamlessly between the digital and physical worlds. The goal of the symposium is to explore the notion of being present in virtual frameworks, one that reimagines a cybernetic form of space that is fluidly responsive to crises.

 FEBRUARY 20, 21 AND 27 

Dinner for 12 Strangers

This year, Bruins will come together in community virtually. For three nights, alumni, students, parents, faculty and fans of UCLA will gather online to laugh, reminisce, make new friends and remember that UCLA unites us and lifts us up. Some gatherings will incorporate a food or beverage experience, others the sparkle of great conversation, games, storytelling activities — the possibilities are unlimited. No matter how the evening starts, the ice will break, conversation will flow and it will be hard to log off, leaving you with warm moments of Bruin camaraderie, hope and understanding. If you have questions, email the UCLA Alumni Association.

 FEBRUARY 23 | 5:30 P.M. 

EmPower Hour: Understanding Your Activist Positionality

In this UCLA Alumni Diversity Programs and Initiatives session, learn how social and political context creates identity in terms of race, class, gender, sexuality and ability status. Understand how your identity influences and potentially biases your understanding of and outlook on the world. Registration is now open.

 FEBRUARY 25 | 3 P.M. 

How We Got Here, Where to Next: Examining Assimilation in American Music Studies

As part of the UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music’s new speaker series Still Waiting, Philip Ewell, an associate professor of music theory at Hunter College, will discuss how we can consider our past to chart a path for the future. Registration is now open.


UCLA Alumnae Sip and Share: Women in the Beverage Industry

This five-part series will feature women who are building thriving businesses, sharing their high-level strategies for success. The first session will feature the proprietors of Genever, a Filipina-owned bar. These Bruins were featured in Los Angeles Magazine as women who are making L.A. a better place. Email Gonzalo Ornelas to be notified when registration opens.