The dozens of stories we published in 2023 ran the gamut from social justice and climate science to style, literature, sports and more, literally spanning the globe. In case you missed ’em, here’s a list of our 10 favorites.

The Bold Costumes of Opera UCLA

Celebrating the daring imagination and wild creativity of student designers whose eye-popping ensembles sing as loudly as the performers who wear them. 

Reliving UCLA Women’s Soccer’s Wild NCAA Championship

Things looked grim in the final minutes — until a team that refused to give up produced a once-in-a-lifetime rally and a storybook ending. (Bonus: told as a fun comic book!)

The Secret Lives of Campus Buildings

How much do you really know about campus’s most iconic locales?

The Justice League

UCLA’s Activists-in-Residence are proud, determined and changing the world.

Daniel Swain Has a Forecast

How a skinny UCLA scientist amassed 100,000 social media followers — and became the media’s go-to expert on the climate.

How Novel!

A breezy tour through UCLA’s star turns as a setting in a wide range of fiction, from YA to romance to crime thrillers.

The Storyteller

Walter Thompson-Hernández, the son of a UCLA student advisor, became a Bruin himself — and found his voice as a filmmaker telling the untold stories of marginalized communities.

A Space Odyssey

Bruins far and wide are exploring the galaxy, both from the ground and in orbit.

Madam Secretary

California’s Secretary of State and triple Bruin Shirley Weber ’70, M.A. ’71, Ph.D. ’75 is fighting to make sure every vote counts.

Mission of Mercy

Gary Parker D.D.S. ’77 has selflessly dedicated his life to healing facial deformities in the poorest regions of the world.

Honorable Mentions

An amazing Bruin dinner party, the majesty of Pow Wow, the wild journey of a forgotten student film, Bruins around the world and climbing all of the many, many, many steps on campus