At Issue


The Road Ahead

During difficult times, it’s important to look at the big picture — including the many ways UCLA continues to thrive.

The New Frontiers

A series of new property additions will expand UCLA’s ability to serve students and the city of Los Angeles.

The War We Must Win

The new UCLA Initiative to Study Hate is tackling an audacious mission: eradicating bigotry and discrimination from American life.

Coming Back Together

UCLA and Westwood Village need each other in order to to be at their best.

Breakthroughs and Discoveries

UCLA’s research enterprise illustrates the incredible reach and continued impact of our scholarship.

Uniting for the Higher Good

History shows universities like UCLA bring Americans closer together and move our nation forward.

True Equity

UCLA works to fulfill its commitment to supporting and protecting all members of its community.

At Issue: Strong UCLA Spirit

During the pandemic and the trauma of racist killings, Bruins have shown compassion, courage and resilience.

At Issue: Above and Beyond

People around the world have a deep affinity for UCLA, and this is evident in the tremendous success of the Centennial Campaign.

At Issue: A Milestone in Technology

The network we now know as the internet had its beginnings at UCLA. And we’ve made a long journey down that superhighway.

At Issue: Bruins for Life

Everyone who attends UCLA automatically becomes a lifelong member of the UCLA Alumni Association.

At Issue: A Level Playing Field

Many California students don’t apply to UCLA because they assume it’s out of their reach. Project Welcome aims to inspire those as young as 13 to make this their dream school.

Emphasis on Access

UCLA enrolls more transfer students than any other UC campus. We work with community colleges all across California to attract qualified applicants.

Sustainable Solutions

All across our campus, researchers are working toward helping Los Angeles County transition to complete use of renewable energy and local water by 2050.

Pride and Partnership

UCLA’s partnership with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs enables us to serve those who have served our nation.
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