UCLA’s diversity has always been one of our greatest strengths. Students come here from every possible background and location, with a variety of experiences and goals for their futures. Some earn multiple degrees here, while others transfer from community college to earn their bachelor’s. Still others reach us through UCLA Extension, to earn a certificate or just enjoy a course or two.

They are all Bruins. That’s why, three years ago, we announced that everyone who attends UCLA automatically becomes a lifelong member of the UCLA Alumni Association. Today, there are nearly half a million UCLA alumni all across the globe, in every conceivable profession, who are contributing to our world in many profound ways.

We are committed to offering all of our alumni — whether they live in Pasadena or Paris — the chance to connect with other Bruins, wherever they live. UCLA supports at least 140 networks around the world based on alumni locations, interests or identity.

As a lifelong Bruin, you are part of a very special and unique community.”

Gene Block

UCLA Chancellor

In Philadelphia, for example, the regional alumni network has already hosted 12 events this year, including game-watch parties and museum visits. On the career front, Bruins who work at Disney have formed their own network, connecting alumni across the company. First-generation college graduates have established an alumni network, as have Bruins of mixed ethnicity. Our UCLA Mixed Alumni Association, in fact, is the first of its kind in the nation and has twice been honored by national organizations.

All told, the UCLA Alumni Association has hosted more than 1,700 events for 62,000 attendees over the past three years. We have also been hosting Centennial Celebrations in key cities across the country and the world, so stay connected! We want you to help us celebrate.

Our alumni team has all the resources needed to support you, with full-time staff and network liaisons to help create or expand an alumni network wherever you are and whatever your interests.

As UCLA begins its second century, we need you to help us envision our future and let us know what you’re doing. We also want to know how we can support your goals, tune in to your interests and connect you with other Bruins, wherever you are. To do this and to learn more about alumni networks, I encourage you to visit UCLAONE.com. This website allows you to connect with Bruins globally to expand or form a network, learn about events and even explore career opportunities by connecting with other alumni. Bruins frequently hire other Bruins for jobs and internships, so be sure to visit UCLAONE.com!

As a lifelong Bruin, you are part of a very special and unique community. I hope you always take pride in that and can find ways to share that pride with your fellow Bruins.