Life Signs


Preserving Family Histories

The pandemic has prompted many of us to investigate our roots. Oral history scholar Teresa Barnett shares 7 tips on how to capture these legacies.

Laughing All the Way

Author and scholar Norman Cousins’ pioneering research on the impact of humor on health continues through the center that bears his name.

Life Signs: Be Prepared

Today, retirement can last almost as long as a career, so it’s important to plan accordingly — physically, socially and financially.

Better Together

Building an effective team takes more than just bringing a group of people together and giving them a task.

Shorting Sleep

A UCLA neurologist offers 7 tips for those of us who spend too much time awake.

Neo News

When anyone can create and widely disseminate information, how do we sift through the morass to find the truth?

Making It Last

There’s now a SCIENCE to help us keep our New Year’s resolutions.

Sinister Screens

Kids spend an average of seven hours a day staring at electronic screens just for entertainment. What is the effect on their developing brains?

Just Be There

When a friend has lost someone close or received an ominous cancer diagnosis, bring it up and let the grieving person know she can be herself with you.

Siren Calling

Politicians aren’t the only ones who can vary their vocal qualities to display their personality, arouse emotions and influence others. You can, too.

Secrets of a Time Master

Want to put more hours in your day? Simplify your life and increase your efficiency.

Advice for Weekend Warriors

If you exercise only occasionally, or have been inactive for a long time, pace yourself to avoid injury.

Honoring Adolescence

Between ages 12 and 24, the brain undergoes tremendous change and is primed for innovative thinking.

Breaking the Bad

Most people in recovery got help because someone was honest with them. But how do you approach those sensitive conversations?

Mental Crossfit

Dr. Gary Small ’73 of the UCLA Longevity Center offers pointers for staying mentally fit.

Losing for Two

If you’ve struggled with your weight and can’t seem to stick to any workout plan, you’re not alone — and that’s exactly the point that most people miss.
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