Animals laugh too, UCLA analysis suggests

Sifting through studies on various species’ play behavior, researchers tracked vocalization patterns that show a strong similarity to human laughter.

What does it mean to be moved by love?

An emotion called ‘kama muta’ is typically accompanied by moist eyes or tears, chills or goosebumps, a warm feeling in the body, a feeling of exhilaration and a motivation to help others.

UCLA anthropologist knows her capuchin monkeys

Braving floods, fires and vampire mosquitoes, UCLA professor Susan Perry has spent 25 years chasing capuchin monkeys through the forests of Costa Rica. Her data have transformed what we know about these fascinating primates.

In sync and in control?

UCLA social scientists found that walking in sync may make men feel more formidable against a potential foe, and they suggest that doing so could play a role in excessive use of force by police.
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