As home to the Institute of Transportation Studies, UCLA has experts on public transportation, alternative transportation, traffic, urban mobility, ridesharing services like Uber, how transportation affects public health and parking. Click an expert’s name for a more detailed biography and contact information.

Brian Taylor

Taylor, a professor of urban planning and director of the UCLA Institute of Transportation Studies, is an expert on transportation policy. His work explores how transportation systems are paid for and how public transportation systems serve people in lower-income neighborhoods, people with disabilities and the elderly.​

Donald Shoup

Shoup is a distinguished professor emeritus of urban planning and among the nation’s leading authorities on the link between transportation and land use, particularly public parking. His book, “The High Cost of Free Parking,” explains how better parking policies can improve cities, the economy and the environment.

Evelyn Blumenberg

Blumebnerg, a professor of urban planning and director of the UCLA Lewis Center for Regional Policy Studies, is an expert on transportation and economic development, specifically how the urban structure — the spatial location of residents, employment and services — affects economic inequality and outcomes for low-wage workers.

Juan Matute

Matute, a lecturer in urban planning and deputy director of the UCLA Institute of Transportation Studies, is an expert on how technological innovations like driverless cars, electric vehicles and GPS mobile apps like Waze and Google Maps affect transportation accessibility, and how transportation planning affects the environment, especially in Los Angeles.

Colleen Callahan

Callahan is co–executive director of the UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation and an expert on environmental health and transportation policy.

Madeline Brozen

Brozen, a transportation researcher and deputy director of the UCLA Lewis Center for Regional Policy Studies, is an expert on alternative transportation, bicycle safety and pedestrian safety. She also researches the transportation needs of vulnerable populations and how transportation connects people to opportunity.

Saba Waheed

Waheed is director of the UCLA Labor Center and an expert on low-wage service industries such as taxis, as well as sharing economy businesses like Uber and Lyft.

Jacob Wasserman

Wasserman, research project manager at the UCLA Institute of Transportation Studies, studies public transit — including ridership, finance, operations, service and mobility — as well as the intersection of transportation and other policy issues, like homelessness, labor, segregation, ridesharing, land use and housing.


Public health


Richard Jackson

Jackson, professor of environmental health sciences at the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health, is a pediatrician and an expert on how the built environment and design of cities and neighborhoods affects public health, in particular how car-biased urban planning contributes to obesity and stress.

Michael Jerrett

Jerrett is a professor of environmental health sciences and an expert on how the built environment affects public health from exposure to pollution to how the land use that encourage car commuting influences physical activity and obesity across different socioeconomic classes.


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