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Hammer Summer Concerts 2022

On Thursday nights, the Hammer Museum at UCLA is the place to be! Come out to the Hammer courtyard to see free live concerts featuring KCRW DJs and musical artists, such as Ambar Lucid and Pachyman. Guests also enjoy food trucks, cash bar and extended gallery hours while dancing the night away.

 JULY 7 | 4 P.M.

Share the Mic: Indigenous Knowledge — Aboriginal Artists & Law

Just who controls Indigenous art? And who should? It’s a timely topic. Indigenous cultural ownership experts in law, education, copyright and the art market convene to discuss this piquant question, using Australia as a case study, as the Fowler Museum at UCLA passes the mic to thought leaders “who are guiding us along the arc of justice.” Panelists will illuminate the work they do to protect Indigenous art. The conversation complements the Fowler’s current exhibition, Aboriginal Screen — Printed Textiles from Australia’s Top End.

 JULY 8–23 | 0 P.M.

Second Sight: A Collection of New International Restorations

Come out to the Billy Wilder Theater to enjoy four lesser-known works by women filmmakers that deserve a fresh look. This first edition of the UCLA Film & Television Archive’s Second Sight program showcases new digital restorations of films from Australia, Cuba, the United States and Japan. Whether you’re into thoughtful romances like Love Letter (Japan, 1953) or poignant dramas like Floating Life (Australia, 1996), the film series offers something for every cinephile.


Hammer Projects: Tita Cicognani

Los Angeles–based artist Tita Cicognani’s latest installation features a functioning hot tub at its center, which guests can use with a reservation. The installation offers an environment of potential physical contact and intimacy in an institutional context typically designed to promote sterility and cleanliness. Customized as part of a larger installation that includes video, sound and other media works, Cicognani’s hot tub is a device through which museum visitors temporarily reconcile their relationship with germs and the perilousness of the body.

 JULY 10

Particular Histories: Provenance Research in African Arts

Particular Histories presents five provenance case studies drawn from African objects that came to the Fowler from the collection of Sir Henry Wellcome. The exhibition highlights recent findings — made through a combination of conservation, material science, archival research and curatorial methods — that offer often surprising insights into the creation of these amazing works. Come visit the intersection of African works and the legacy of European colonization’s influence.

 JULY 10 | 7 P.M.

Tell It Like It Is: The Watts Writers Workshop on Television

Founded in the wake of the Watts Rebellion of 1965, the Watts Writers Workshop left an indelible literary and artistic imprint well beyond the borders of Los Angeles. Join the Film and Television Archive to watch two recently preserved local television programs from 1967 and 1968 that showcase Black artists from the workshop reciting their poems and prose, with commentary by Budd Schulberg, Oscar-winning writer and Watts Writers Workshop creator, and Harry Dolan, executive director of the Douglass House Foundation.

 JULY 20 | 6 P.M.

AAP Alumni Network Virtual Networking Mixer

Join UCLA’s Academic Advancement Program Alumni Network for a virtual summer networking event. You’ll have the chance to meet other passionate AAP alumni, share valuable input on the development of the Mentorship and Networking committees and learn about important AAPAN volunteer opportunities.

 JULY 21 | 12 P.M.

Résumé Writing for Career Changers with Kimberly Cook M.P.H.'15

There are many reasons for career changes: the realization of a new passion, a need for more financial freedom or perhaps the desire to find a more fulfilling job. Changing careers can be daunting, but this online workshop will arm you with foundational knowledge of the hiring process and important résumé strategies so that you can transition to a new career with ease.