campus history


The Secret Garden

Chancellor Franklin Murphy looked at a gravel parking lot and saw a vision: verdant, landscaped sculpture grounds at UCLA.

The View From Above

UCLA houses one of the most comprehensive archives of aerial photography in the world. Now, a new website is bringing these majestic images to the masses.

Here’s the Camera. Go!

The L.A. Rebellion film movement, born at UCLA in 1969, enabled minority student directors to tell the world about their communities.

Buried in the Past

The first structure on the Westwood campus, the Arroyo Bridge, was vital to the building of Royce Hall and Powell Library. It disappeared in 1947.

A brief history of LGBTQ milestones at UCLA

As part of its 25th anniversary, the UCLA LGBTQ Campus Resource Center created a timeline of important events in the campus’s queer and trans history.

The Great Bruin Presidential Quiz

What do you know about the No. 1 public university’s relationship to the highest office in the land? It’s time for a UCLA trivia test!
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