Discover how football player–turned–UCLA astrophysicist Dakotah Tyler helped unveil the secrets of an exoplanet 160 light years from Earth, how UCLA jouneyman plumber Rahsonn McGlothen keeps the water flowing on campus, which UCLA historical gems are hiding in plain sight, what our ambitious plans for the former Westside Pavilion are and more.

‘Art of the Benshi’ tour will showcase Japanese silent film tradition

(Feb 1, 2024) This spring, a five-city tour presented by the UCLA Film & Television Archive and the Yanai Initiative for Globalizing Japanese Humanities resurrects the art of the benshi — a century-old tradition of Japan’s silent film era in which captivating narrators introduced films, portrayed the characters and articulated the on-screen action. Learn more.

Ancient lake on Mars: Could samples hold traces of life?

(Jan. 26, 2024) NASA’s Mars Perseverance rover — here traveling over the Martian surface — has confirmed that a crater formed by an ancient meteor impact once harbored a vast lake and river delta. The findings raise the hope that traces of life might be found in the lake’s soil and rock samples, UCLA scientists and colleagues say. Learn more.

Jupiter-sized planet’s big secret: A 350,000-mile-long tail

(Jan. 9, 2024) UCLA astrophysicists say their discovery of exoplanet WASP-69’s elongated, comet-like gas tail presents a rare opportunity to study in real time the physics that shape thousands of other planets in our galaxy. Learn more, and hear about research author Dakotah Tyler’s journey from college football player to astrophysicist. 

UCLA Library launches new ‘L.A. Stories’ video series

(Jan. 9, 2024) For decades, UCLA Library has been a leader in preserving the history and culture of Los Angeles, and “L.A. Stories” showcases the region’s diverse communities through the library’s vast collections. The series’ first installment focuses on the history of labor movements. Learn more.

Under pressure: How UCLA plumber stays calm and keeps the water on

(Jan. 18, 2024) Rahsonn McGlothen, UCLA’s “water guy,” does it all — from repairing water main ruptures and fixing bathroom facilities to systems alterations and new installations — while also mentoring a new generation of skilled professionals. “Helping people learn, teaching, that’s what I do. I try to make a difference, inspire them, give them hope, make them as comfortable as possible on the job,” he says. Learn more.

L.A.’s former Westside Pavilion = new UCLA Research Park

(Jan. 3, 2024) UCLA has aquired the former Westside Pavilion and will transform the empty shopping mall into the UCLA Research Park — an engine of scientific, technological, creative and economic growth for the region and beyond. On Jan. 3, Chancellor Gene Block, California Gov. Gavin Newsom and UC President Michael Drake unveiled plans for the site. Learn more.

Stories in stone: A guided video tour of UCLA’s treasures

(Dec. 6, 2023) Robert Gurval, associate professor emeritus in the UCLA Department of Classics, invites Bruins and the public to explore some of the little-known historical and architectural gems hiding in plain sight on campus. Learn more.

As UCLA continues its push for affordable student housing, Chancellor Block is honored for efforts

(Nov. 17. 2023) A day after the UC Regents approved UCLA’s plan for a new Westwood apartment project that will offer significantly reduced rents to students with financial need, Chancellor Block was recognized by the Los Angeles Business Council for leading the campus’s ongoing efforts to increase the stock of acessible, affordable, well-designed student housing. Learn more.

Could the ‘central dogma’ of biology be misleading bioengineers?

(Dec. 11, 2023) A UCLA study examining stem cells found in bone marrow challenges the conventional understanding of biology and genetic engineering. The research hinged on the use of nanovials, microscopic containers smaller than the width of a human hair that were invented by UCLA’s Dino Di Carlo and his colleagues. Learn more.