L.A. County gets C+ from UCLA on environmental issues

Despite progress, dirty air and water are just the beginning of the region's environmental troubles. The findings, which are believed to be the most comprehensive environmental report card for any region in the nation, show the county needs tutoring to bring up its grades.

UCLA, UC make big moves toward carbon neutrality

As the UC system marches toward its goal of carbon neutrality by 2025, UCLA is doing its part by using less energy in buildings, converting half of its fleet to alternative-fuel vehicles and adding LEED-certified green buildings.

Improving customer access to energy data can cut costs, protect environment

Expanding customer access to energy data can bring cleaner, more efficient power to Californians, save money and boost emerging clean technologies, according to a new report by the Climate Change and Business Research Initiative, a partnership between UCLA and UC Berkeley schools of law.

Bruins get charged up exploring electric vehicles

Bruins and off-campus visitors tooled around north campus on Tuesday in Teslas and other electric vehicles during UCLA's Drive an Electric Vehicle event, part of National Drive Electric Week. Guests test-drove the Nissan LEAF, Chevy Volt and other vehicles.
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