Happenings for March

A Bruin guide to this month’s most intriguing events at UCLA.

The Storyteller

With Bruin blood running through his veins, Walter Thompson-Hernández is bringing amazing chronicles to the world, one medium at a time.

The Other Jackie Robinson

A new biography explores the forgotten legacy of Kenny Washington, the Bruin who broke the color barrier in the NFL.

Good Sports

A rundown of heroes who once competed in the blue and gold — and are now letting their mouths do the running.

This Magic Moment

Relive the electric, enthralling experience of “I got in!” through eight incoming Bruins and their inspiring stories.

By Any Other Name …

It just simply wouldn’t be the Rose Bowl. Here, a valentine to an icon as it turns 100.

In a League of Their Own

The untold story of the feisty squad that 40 years ago won the first-ever NCAA championship in softball — and changed UCLA athletics for women forever.
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