Is One Really the Loneliest Number?

Professor Naomi Eisenberger, who studies how the brain and body react to relationships, looks at isolation during the pandemic.

Friendship Now

Relationships are tricky, and the pandemic has forced us to interact differently. How do our vital connections survive these stress tests?

Joint bank accounts make for happier couples

Those who keep finances separate are likelier to split up and be less satisfied, according to a working paper from researchers at UCLA Anderson, Notre Dame and University College of London.

Caring for transgender patients

It’s important for medical professionals to understand that one’s gender identity as man, woman or trans is different from one’s sexual identity as gay, bisexual, lesbian or heterosexual.

Anderson professor shows reputation is a measure of your mystique

UCLA Anderson associate professor Maia Young studies organizational behavior, and some of her research involves your reputation as a leader, as someone who knows how to get things done. If you have a bit of mystique, that enhances people's perception of you.

Helping seriously ill children, families cope with the unfathomable

UCLA’s Children's Pain and Comfort Care team at Mattel Children's Hospital works to succor pediatric, adolescent and young-adult patients in their days of need and to help their families grapple with the unfathomable: the death of that young patient.
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